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Don't face the IRS alone. If you are ever audited, we are here for you both with our free support and our optional Audit Assistance Plan that gives you additional coverage.

More About the Audit Assistance Plan...

Why would I purchase the Audit Assistance plan?

While we do everything during preparation to minimize chances for audit, occasionally audits occur. While we stand behind our work and will help with answering questions and providing information without additional charge, we also offer additional coverage that will make the process smoother and easier on you if ever audited.

How does the Audit Assistance work if I need it?

We ask that you upload any IRS letters you receive immediately as they are always time sensitive documents and having the most amount of time available to work on them is in your benefit. We will respond within 24 hours with the course of action we will take. We also will support you the whole way through answering questions and providing any information that may be helpful.

What is your process for dealing with audits?

If it is a letter audit, your case will be handled internally and we will advise you how to proceed. In the event of an in-office audit we will partner with an Enrolled Agent in your area to arrange the audit at their office, and we will cover the first five hours of fees, that will cover most simple audits and generally consists of two hours of preparation time and three hours of audit. If audits run beyond the five hour period we will cover 50% of the additional charges throughout audit and appeals, even if your case goes to the supreme court!

Does this cover additional taxes owed?

Additional taxes owed upon audit or review are up to the taxpayer to pay. We offer support and assistance in dealing with the IRS. Actual changes and the taxes, interest and penalties due to that, unless they are due to preparer error, are owed solely by the client.

Can I purchase Audit Assistance at a later date?

Audit Assistance can only be purchased with your initial tax return preparation. If for some reason your tax preparer did not offer this service during preparation please contact us and we will see if it is still within range to add this service to your returns now.

How much does Audit Assistance cost?

Audit Assistance is an additional $50 charge per return that you have filed. For example, if you have a personal return, an S-corp and an LLC you would pay $150 additional. This is a better value than alternate choices that offer audit protection with monthly membership fees ranging from $10-40.

Who performs the services related to my audit?

Most audits are handled internally by 1st Tax's team of qualified Enrolled Agents and CPAs. In office audits will be contracted using an Enrolled Agent in your area who we pre-screen to represent you. We chose to work this way rather than working with an external provider for the reason that we have heard the service they provide is not as personalized as how we like to conduct business. We want to be sure when you need it most you will have the same helpful customer service experience you have come to expect from 1st Tax.

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