State Tax Laws - Arizona

Personal income taxes range from 2.59% to 4.54%, the highest rates starting around $150,000. Exemptions are given at $2,100 per person and standard deduction is $4,833 for single taxpayers and $9665 for those who are married filing a joint return. Social security is exempt, pensions are mostly fully taxable, the only exception being military and in-state pensions that have the first $2500 of income treated as exempt. Arizona has no estate or gift tax.

Arizona has a corporate tax of 6.968%, with a $50 minimum tax. Most cities in Arizona also assess an annual privilege tax. Sales taxes in Arizona are complex. The state charges 6.7% and all counties charge an additional percentage, plus many localities, with sales taxes in some locations as high as 13.7%. Arizona tax information can be found at:

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