Tax Preparation: Enterprise

At 1st Tax there are no hidden costs. These flat rate tax return preparation fees cover what most small business owners need to have their taxes prepared and include the following forms:

• Form 1040 Individual Tax Return
• Schedule C (Self-Employment Income): 1 included
• Schedule E (Rental Real Estate): 1 included
• Schedue F (Farm Income): 1 included
• Depreciation Items Placed in Service: 10 included
• Schedule A (Itemized Deductions)
• Schedule B (Interest and Dividends)
• Schedule D (Capital Gains)
• Form 8949 (Capital Gains Transactions): 10 included
• Exclusion on Sale of Primary Residence
• Foreign Income Exclusion/Tax Credit
• Solar Energy Credits
• Unlimited W-2 Income Entries
• K-1 Entries: 5 included
• 1099-R Distributions and Penalties
• Retirement Plan Contributions and Credits
• Health Coverage Credits and Penalties
• Student Loan Interest Adjustment
• Education Credits
• Child Related Credits
• Form 4797 Business Property Sale
• State Tax Return
• Form 1065 Partnership Return*
• Form 8865 Foreign Partnership Return*
• Form 1120 Corporate Return*
• Form 1120s S-corp Return*
• Form 5471 Foreign Corporation Return*

* Entrepreneur package includes one partnership return filing either form 1065 or form 8865. Enterprise package includes one partnership return and one basic corporate return. If corporate return is complex additional charges may apply. For more details please contact us.

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